The fine art of masks.

Updated: Jun 27

Around March 2020 the reality of the "virus" started to crack the beautiful reality I had worked hard to construct. I had dedicated that last 10 years to creating a business which allowed me to travel, to explore, and to pursue learning. One by one the plans and projects I was so looking forward to began to shatter like broken porcelain. Travel.....out, explore out, learning maybe but, how?

In my reeducating of my self identity based on "What you do for a living...." I stumbled upon These amazing plague masks are part bird part steam punk. I read that in Venetian times people put herbs inside.

Ironically, this year my birthday was on Mardi Gras this year. I was lucky enough to enjoy what feels like my last trip for a very long while. It was unclear at the end of Feb how the corona virus would halt all "usual" behavior. I packed masks but, not the type you are thinking of now. I packed this vintage Venetian mask that is from one of the few artisans in Venice. I enjoyed a moment dancing in the window as people danced and screamed for beads.

I recall the group dressed like the corona virus drinking corona's at the square. I stopped to take a photo. It was a 48 hour trip which in hindsight I am glade it was short and sweet.